A Note from Anna Clarke Sas

“Virginia Beach Law Group attorney Anna Clarke Sas was recently quoted in the Virginian Pilot regarding the legal aspect of adoptions and family law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The article featured Virginia Beach local Linda Michie’s adoption agency, Wishing Well Adoption & Family Services LLC. Michie’s stellar reputation and passion for putting “families together instead of watching them fall apart” prompted Sas to express her support.

“I hope it was not lost in the Virginia Pilot article that I am a huge Linda Michie fan. Her passion for child advocacy  is well-known throughout the judicial and legal community.

The notion of a one woman adoption agency is intriguing on a number of levels. Linda will not be bound by artificial rules requiring adoptive parents “be” a certain way. There is no requirement for marital status, sexual preference or religious background. She will be free to explore placements with “nontraditional” families whether intergenerational or interreligious. The goal will be the placement of an adoptable child in an optimal environment.”

We here at Virginia Beach Law Group specialize in family law matters and work with organizations like Michie’s to bring families together. Call or contact us today for your legal issue.

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