Why You Should Choose a Lawyer With Long-Term Experience in the Court System

A Letter from Otis K. Forbes, Attorney at Law.

There are a great many criminal lawyers and traffic defense attorneys in the Hampton Roads area who may tell you that they know how to defend your case. But these days it is important to remember that it is not just what you know—it’s what you are able to do with that knowledge once you appear before a judge.


Any effective law practice involves knowing how to get things done on paper and in practice. This includes knowing the clerks and judges and how they work. Judges are people—each one looks at things differently—and it helps to have an idea of how they uniquely view certain offenses and issues and how they like to run their courtrooms.


I first learned about practicing law by sitting in courtrooms and watching and listening. I started as a law clerk/intern while I was in high school. I’m still watching and listening, even more than 30 years later, so that I can put what I know and see into my practice.


When the stakes are high, I encourage you to work with an attorney who has the knowledge and the practical experience to give you the best chance of success in your criminal or traffic case.
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