Fraud Attempts May Use Your Business Name & Logo

There’s a disturbing trend in criminal behavior that may put your business front and center in a potential fraud case. In fact, it’s something we have even experienced here at Virginia Beach Law Group.

Recently we received several calls from different people who received a fake promissory note with our name and logo on a fictitious letterhead. In one case the person was attempting to sell the promissory note. In another, the person claimed to have charitable donation, but wanted a $30 “administrative fee” before writing a check.

If you receive unexpected items in the mail that are supposedly from legitimate businesses asking for money, or offering a business deal (buy a promissory note for less than face value), it’s always a good idea to call the business and verify if the offer is real. Don’t call the number listed on the materials, though — look up the company’s real number online and call to verify.

As an aside, at Virginia Beach Law Group, we NEVER put our logo or letterhead on promissory notes, and we don’t ask for administrative fees for charitable donations. If you receive something purporting to be from our firm, you can always call to verify it’s a legitimate business correspondence.

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