For Legal Resources Members Only: Your 21 Covered Services

At Virginia Beach Law Group, we are thankful that you’ve chosen us as your Legal Resources provider in Virginia Beach. With your basic plan member coverage, this effective program
affords you access to 21 covered legal services that can help you and your family.


These covered services include*:

  1. General Consultation and Advice
  2. Preparation and Review of Legal Documents
  3. Consumer Relations
  4. Credit Protection
  5. Preparing of Will and Related Documents
  6. Estate Advice (Get your complementary estate plan in 3 easy steps!)
  7. Elder Law Matters
  8. Civil Actions (Plaintiff)
  9. Civil Actions (Defendant)
  10. Domestic Adoptions
  11. Name Change
  12. Uncontested Divorce
  13. Real Estate Transactions (Closings)
  14. Non-Sale Real Estate Transactions (Deeds)
  15. Insurance Matters
  16. Tenant-Landlord Matters
  17. Landlord-Tenant Matters
  18. Traffic Violations
  19. Criminal Violations
  20. Defense of Juveniles
  21. Local Administrative Proceedings

*Some covered services come along with limits and restrictions based on your unique situation and are best understood when discussed with your attorney. Subscribe to our email newsletter and call us now at (757) 486-4529 to learn more about how Virginia Beach Law Group can help you make the most of your enrollment in the Legal Resources program!