Duck’s Unlimited: Conservation of Waterfowl and The Wetlands

Virginia Beach Law Group is where clients become family, and we take the same approach with the organizations we support. At Virginia Beach Law Group we are passionate supporters of the mission of Duck’s Unlimited and their focus on the conservation of

College Student In Trouble? We Offer Statewide Representation.

It’s one of every parent’s most dreaded moments. You get a call from your child who is away at college. “Mom, Dad, I’m in trouble.” What are you supposed to do when your adult child is hundreds of miles away

Come to Virginia Beach On Vacation? Don’t Leave On Probation.

Virginia Beach might be the place we call home, but it’s also a hotspot for vacationers from the midwest, up and down the east coast, and even internationally. Some people (tourists and locals included) have a little too much fun while

20 Tips – How to Be a Good Tenant

Combo spoiler alert and disclaimer: a Virginia landlord-tenant lawyer is writing this.  I know that my profession gives me a skewed view of life.  “Tenants don’t pay for an hour of my time to sit in my office and tell

Did You Get a DUI or Reckless Ticket in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach is a summer vacation hot spot for people who live up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest. Families who come to the oceanfront are sure to have a great time, unless they are charged with speeding, reckless driving,

Don’t Drive Drunk This Memorial Day Weekend

With the long weekend comes outdoor parties and get-togethers that may or may not involve alcohol. Every year around this time, we see an influx of DUI/DWI cases come into the office that could have easily been avoided by taking

Meet Melanie Remington

We here at Virginia Beach Law Group are proud to welcome Melanie Remington as our newest attorney! Melanie has been a member of the Virginia Beach Law Group team for a while now, having started here as an intern and

What Is the Penalty for a Second Offense DUI in Virginia?

Receiving a DUI is a serious matter. Receiving a second DUI in Virginia is twice as serious and carries significant consequences, especially for those who fail to hire competent legal representation. If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence

What Are The Penalties For Reckless Driving in Virginia?

If you are stopped for speeding along Interstate 64, Interstate 264 or I-95, you may worry about a reckless driving charge. In terms of speed-related offenses, reckless driving is typically classified as 20 mph over the posted speed limit or

Celebrate The Mission Of Ducks Unlimited!

Duck’s Unlimited got its start in 1937 when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl were in great danger of increasing in numbers due to the Dust Bowl conditions.  A group of sportsmen joined together to form the organization – Ducks Unlimited –

Please Join Us For The 51st Annual Virginia Beach DUCKS UNLIMITED Dinner!

At Virginia Beach Law Group, we make community involvement a priority. Whether it’s supporting the local agricultural community through the Virginia Beach 4-H Livestock Club, or finding the cure for Parkinson’s, we like to get the entire staff involved in

Trust Your Trust or Will Your Will to An Attorney

We’ve talked before about how when it comes to estate planning, developing a trust is, more often than not, a costly and unnecessary choice. Drafting a legal will with the help of an estate planning attorney provides most people with the protection

Visit Downtown Hampton! – Virginia Artists 2015 Juried Exhibition

The annual Virginia Artists 2015 Juried Exhibition is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the state and will showcase the talents of many of Virginia’s finest artists and craftsmen and features amazing artwork in each media including drawing,

Why You Should Choose a Lawyer With Long-Term Experience in the Court System

A Letter from Otis K. Forbes, Attorney at Law. There are a great many criminal lawyers and traffic defense attorneys in the Hampton Roads area who may tell you that they know how to defend your case. But these days

Bluebird Gap Farm – A Family Excursion

Gap Farm offers an exciting, family-oriented adventure and educational experience rarely seen in an urban environment. The 60-acre farm has around 150 domestic and wild animals. The park features a covered pavilion for large groups to enjoy featuring picnic tables

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