Community Spotlight: Ducks Unlimited

At Virginia Beach Law Group, we make community involvement a priority. Whether it’s the Virginia Beach 4-H Livestock Club, Wounded Wear American Legion, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the SPCA or another organization with an important cause, we like to get the whole staff involved in support and creating awareness.

One cause with which Virginia Beach Law Group has a long history is Ducks Unlimited, the “world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.” In a day when it seems that climate and industry are depleting wetlands and diminishing waterfowl populations, Ducks Unlimited has served as a conservation advocate since 1937.

As of January 2014, DU has helped conserve 13,206,088 acres of waterfowl habitat in North America and influenced an additional 105,217,572 acres. This action is especially important in Virginia, as we are in the Atlantic Flyway—a critical migration channel for waterfowl like canvasbacks, Canada geese, mallards and American black ducks. With the assistance and manpower of its dedicated volunteers, Ducks Unlimited has set in place a number of conservation projects that are specific to the needs of Virginia waterfowl habitats. Do you remember the awful peat fires in Dismal Swamp a couple of years ago? Ducks Unlimited partnered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to construct two weirs (water control structures) that will keep the swamp wet, reducing the likelihood of another peat fire, and improving the habitat for 5,800 of the swamp in Virginia and the 3,700 acres of it that extend south into North Carolina. This is the largest known forested wetlands restoration project east of the Mississippi River. Ever!

Total Acres Conserved in Virginia: 45,800
• Total technical assistance acres in Virginia: 48,648
• Amount spent to date on projects in Virginia: $10,099,087.00

Virginia Beach Law Group is proud to support the Virginia Beach chapter of Ducks Unlimited because we are passionate about bringing the staff together to help preserve Virginia wetlands and waterfowl. We participate in a number of Ducks Unlimited events each year, like this one from November 2013:

DU Banquet 2013

Now, we are looking forward to one of the most exciting local Ducks Unlimited Events of the year—the 50th Annual Virginia Beach dinner! This is our annual fundraiser, and net proceeds from the event go straight to wetlands conservation. If you’re interested, find us on Facebook ( No tickets will be sold at the door this year, but the VBLG gang will be there!

Virginia Beach Law Group is where clients become family, and we take the same approach with the organizations we support. Learn more about Ducks Unlimited here.

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