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Duck’s Unlimited: Conservation of Waterfowl and The Wetlands

Virginia Beach Law Group is where clients become family, and we take the same approach with the organizations we support. At Virginia Beach Law Group we are passionate supporters of the mission of Duck’s Unlimited and their focus on the conservation of

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College Student In Trouble? We Offer Statewide Representation.

It’s one of every parent’s most dreaded moments. You get a call from your child who is away at college. “Mom, Dad, I’m in trouble.” What are you supposed to do when your adult child is hundreds of miles away

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Come to Virginia Beach On Vacation? Don’t Leave On Probation.

Virginia Beach might be the place we call home, but it’s also a hotspot for vacationers from the midwest, up and down the east coast, and even internationally. Some people (tourists and locals included) have a little too much fun while

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20 Tips – How to Be a Good Tenant

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Combo spoiler alert and disclaimer: a Virginia landlord-tenant lawyer is writing this.  I know that my profession gives me a skewed view of life.  “Tenants don’t pay for an hour of my time to sit in my office and tell

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Did You Get a DUI or Reckless Ticket in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach is a summer vacation hot spot for people who live up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest. Families who come to the oceanfront are sure to have a great time, unless they are charged with speeding, reckless driving,

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What Is the Penalty for a Second Offense DUI in Virginia?

Receiving a DUI is a serious matter. Receiving a second DUI in Virginia is twice as serious and carries significant consequences, especially for those who fail to hire competent legal representation. If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence

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In Honor Of Our Brother, Robert W. Johnson

The Virginia Beach Law Group is an ardent supporter of the American Parkinson Disease Association. On January 20, 2015, our treasured brother, Robert W. Johnson,  broke the shackles of this debilitating illness and departed this life for a better one.Bob bore

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The Mariners’ Museum Coffee: The World in Your Cup

Taste, Smell, Experience – Coffee Exhibit – Dates:  February 21 through September 7, 2015 “Coffee has always been, and remains, a commodity traded primarily by sea,” Museum Curator Marc Nucup said. “We have a chance to take a traveling show

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Attorney David Johnson Talks Estate Planning

Dave Johnson is excited to come back to speak to Virginia Beach City Public Schools employees today at their annual VBCPS retirement seminar. His presentation will cover the importance of constructing a cohesive estate plan that includes the last will

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Enjoy A Celtic Evening Out On The Town!

Celtic Fiddle Festival 8pm – Friday, January 30, 2015 The American Theatre -125 E Mellen St, Hampton, VA 23661 The Virginia Beach Law Group invites you to join us as we support the arts in our surrounding community. Celtic Fiddle Festival mark twenty years

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Is an Alternative Divorce the Right Choice for My Family?

The main difference between traditional litigated divorce and alternative divorce is that in litigated divorce, the dispute is of an adversarial nature (to litigate is to carry out a lawsuit), while methods like mediation and collaborative divorce aim to settle

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What Is the Difference Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Generally, when people think about “divorce,” nasty images come to mind. Bitter custody battles, financial disputes, “broken families,” and court feuds cast a dark pall, and for good reason. That’s why less contentious alternatives to traditional divorce like mediation and

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Do I Need an Attorney to Prepare My Will?

When constructing an estate plan, one must first focus on the bread and the butter, the written will. A will tells the powers that be where, to whom, and how you would like your assets to be distributed after your

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A Special Thank You from a Client

After winning a case this past week, one of our clients gave us this awesome pin as a “thank you” and we couldn’t appreciate it more! At Virginia Beach Law Group, our staff values the relationships we build with clients

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Community Spotlight: Ducks Unlimited

At Virginia Beach Law Group, we make community involvement a priority. Whether it’s the Virginia Beach 4-H Livestock Club, Wounded Wear American Legion, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the SPCA or another organization with an important cause, we like to get

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